About Us

Coda Resources was founded in 1947 by Abraham Tropper in New York City. Since then, we have forged a sterling reputation built on solid business practices and predicated on customer service. Our goal: To provide full-service contract manufacturing, outsourcing and/or supply chain support to a wide array of American businesses.

Over the last 60 years, Coda has developed a winning formula by combining the talents and skills of three generations of business-focused family members with accomplished executives/managers and staff from major U.S. firms with deep experience operating in Asia. This blend of expertise allows us to provide world class management in delivering our promises to our clients.

By integrating business activities and focusing its core competencies, Coda has created a new business model dedicated to providing multi-industry supply chain services. By providing its Flexible Manufacturing Dynamic Sourcing (FMDS) service, Coda enables its clients to go to market "better, faster and cheaper" than the competition.

From its headquarters in New York City and its offices in Shenzhen, China, Coda provides quick, convenient and localized service to its clientele.

Coda Resources is intent on bringing the highest levels of professionalism and thoroughness to meet its clients' needs.