Flexible Manufacturing Dynamic Sourcing (FMDS)

FMDS is a model developed by Coda to achieve optimal manufacturing conditions by working with a host of owned and allied factories to meet specific production needs, and facilitate Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery of parts and components. Through FMDS, Coda has redefined the science of Just-In-Time manufacturing. Coda works with its clients to understand their exact production and delivery requirements, and then identifies the production facilities best suited to their particular needs. In employing FMDS, Coda takes into account:

  • Complexity

  • Skill pools

  • Regional advantages

  • Assembly needs

  • Quality Control requirements

  • Point of delivery (proximity to ports)

  • Timing

  • Flexibility

Coda Resources is the "conductor" in the FMDS process, working with clients to:

  • Define client needs in detail

  • Optimize the manufacturing, sourcing, assembly and support services

  • Introduce, oversee and perform, as appropriate, the Quality Control program

  • Establish logistics/shipping arrangements

  • Address customs, insurance, taxes, etc.